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A project to understand and completely redefine Danfoss' online strategy. Danfoss had more than 350 websites across many countries and industries. Our challenge was to bring these together in a smart, cohesive, and scalable way.

My contribution

Strategy User research Product design

The team

1 脳 design director 1 脳 project manager 1 脳 strategist 4 脳 designers 14 脳 engineers



The updated Danfoss homepage


First phase

There were three clear phases of the project that I worked on. The first phase was about understanding Danfoss as a business and the challenges they face. The team for this phase was strategy heavy. I led the visual design for this phase. It was my role to make sure our strategic insight was translated through to our design process. Producing outputs to help communicate our thinking with Danfoss stakeholders.

We ran 30 user interviews with Danfoss stakeholders, best practice research, and analysis of the 350+ websites. The outputs for this phase were four key personas, a current journey map, three ideal journey maps, a revised information architecture, and a design proof of concept.

Second phase

The second phase was about defining a new approach for Danfoss. The team was restructured for this phase 鈥 I was working mostly with another visual designer and two UX聽designers. We ran brand discovery workshops and explored visual concepts for the new website off the back of this. The other visual designer and I worked on one route each. Then we worked with Danfoss stakeholders to agree on a direction.

Third phase

The third phase was about rolling out the new Danfoss experience. The general concept was agreed 鈥 but we needed to ensure it was well stress-tested and scalable. We took a systematic approach to the design and build. Designing reusable styles and speccing out components 鈥 working closely with engineers through to implementation.

Sketches and samples to understand the coverage of Danfoss' websites
Output to illustrate the coverage of Danfoss鈥 350+ websites
A service map to understand how Danfoss鈥 products connect together
Notes of feedback that came out of a workshop
Exploration from the initial visual route I worked on
A sample of documented web components


We delivered a scalable new platform with a simple underlying structure. The platform made it easier for Danfoss employees to sell their segment's products. And easier for customers to browse Danfoss鈥 products from any country.

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