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Grow websites & brands with SEO

Organic Growth Marketing is a step-by-step SEO course designed to lead you through the process of building an optimized website, producing an effective content strategy, and implementing advanced SEO techniques for sustained organic growth.

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I’m Bryn — a freelance digital product designer with 8.5 years of experience. I care a lot about using design for positive impact. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I was most recently working at Denmark’s newest unicorn, Pleo. They raised the biggest Series C Denmark has seen. Before that I worked for Monzo — the fastest growing bank in the UK. I led product design for over 4 million customers. I worked across multiple product squads solving complex money problems.

Before Monzo — I was the first design-hire at health startup, Thriva. I led all of Thriva’s design output. From digital products, to test kit packaging, to marketing like their tube campaign. I was the 6th hire and the company grew to 35 whilst there. I played a big part in scaling the product team and processes.

Over the years I’ve worked across health, non-profit, design tooling, finance, retail, automotive and telecoms. From early-stage startups like Thriva, to FTSE 100 companies like Morrisons, to hypergrowth businesses like Monzo. I’ve also worked with some pretty awesome brands like Adidas, Microsoft and Mastercard.



Senior Product Designer

August 2021–today


Senior Product Designer

October 2020–July 2021

Good Garms


March 2021–present


Product Designer

April 2019–August 2020


Freelance Product Designer

June 2020


Senior Product Designer

July 2017–April 2019

Great Fridays

Senior Visual Designer

November 2014–June 2017

Morrisons Digital

Freelance Digital Designer

July 2014–October 2014


Junior Digital Designer

October 2013–June 2014


End-to-end product design

Interface design

User experience design

Product strategy

Systems thinking

Building in Webflow


The palm-tree paradise of Pearl Island in The Bahamas
The beautiful countryside of the Peak District
Beautiful tonal blue basketball court in Miami
Top down view of a flat white coffee
Bryn's colourful skateboard
Surfing into the sunset in Carcavelos, Portugal
Tapas plates of ceviche, oysters and salmon
Bryn mid-air, snowboarding in Whistler
Paddleboarding off the beach of Barcelona
An ambient James Blake festival performance
Two clownfish swimming around Malaysian coral
An autumnal view towards London's city skyline

Get in touch

Have a project in mind?

If you want to chat about a project — email me on

I can help designing a website, designing a new product, improving an existing part of your product, building a strong design system, building websites in Webflow, or designing a custom icon set for your business.

Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark — available for remote-friendly work from July 2022.

Organic Growth Marketing: How to grow websites with SEO

Section 1: Introduction and Setup

1. Introduction to SEO and its role in marketing

2. Building and setting up your website for SEO [With Templates]

3. SEO tools and analytics

Section 2: Keyword Strategy and On-Page SEO

4. A complete guide to keyword research

5. Everything you need to know about on-page SEO

6. Building out your content strategy

Section 3: Content Creation, Publication, and Post-Production

7. Crafting your editorial calendar

8. How to write for SEO (Creating outlines + writing)

9. Everything to do when publishing content

10. Post-production: Internal linking and SEO checks

Section 4: Leveraging AI Tools for SEO and Marketing

11. Introduction to AI tools in marketing

12. Using ChatGPT for content creation

13. ChatGPT for customer service and interaction

14. Leveraging ChatGPT for content automation and brainstorming

Section 5: Linking Strategy

15. Strategies to acquire backlinks

Section 6: Advanced SEO Strategies

16. An overview of programmatic SEO

17. An overview of local SEO

18. All things technical SEO: Canonical tags, Schema markup

Section 7: Social Media, Email Marketing, and SEO

19. The relationship between social media and SEO

20. Harnessing email marketing and newsletters for SEO benefits

Section 8: SEO Audit and Analysis

21. How to conduct an SEO audit

22. Tracking conversions

Section 9: SEO Trends and Future

23. Upcoming trends in SEO

24. Tips for keeping up-to-date with SEO changes

Section 10: Practical Applications and Case Studies

25. Case studies

26. A full walkthrough: Idea to Publish

Section 11: Outsourcing and Continuous Improvement

27. Hiring writers and outsourcing

28. Updating articles: How to maintain (and improve) rankings over time

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